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Jill Baumann

Co-Director, Mentor, Facilitator

Finding the right educational path for my own 2 kids has been a quest for me since their preschool days...


Aya Parry

Co-Director, Mentor, Facilitator

My journey of seeking for a school that nurtures the whole child began when I realized how the conventional school was quickly extinguishing my children's inner fire...

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Bridgette Harris

Mentor, Facilitator

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Kalie Lewis

Guest Facilitator

Kalie Lewis is an educator that loves to spend her time helping others reach their fullest potential by pursuing their interests and making progress towards their goals. She is passionate about mentoring students of all ages and encouraging them to step outside of their comfort zones by exploring different countries and cultures. She is a good resource for finding the best flight deals, planning trips, trying new recipes or places to eat, and what’s new in the world of educational technology.


Ian Campbell

Guest Facilitator

Ian Campbell is a community-oriented educator committed to the fostering of lifelong learners. He places a high value on empathy, cooperation, and social consciousness and seeks to embody those traits as a teacher. His life’s passion has been to study examples of societies the world over that have modeled egalitarianism, autonomy, and a deep connection to their local landscape, both in the past and present. He is an advocate for democratic education as a part of that broader human paradigm and speaks on the need for such free spaces to build bridges with one another. Ian enjoys teaching history from the point of view of everyday people, anthropology, and the lessons to be learned from Rod Serling’s The Twilight Zone, and nothing brightens his day like seeing people reconnect with the land beneath their feet through his foraging lessons. In his free time, Ian tries to spend every minute he can outdoors hiking, foraging, or camping with friends.


Gautam Bhargava

Guest Facilitator

Gautam Bhargava is a technology entrepreneur passionate about fixing education. He is currently the Founder and CEO of Bloom, an online education program that gives kids a head start on their future by offering live interactive classes from industry pros that teach high-demand skills like coding, animation, and design. Previously, he started and led two education companies and a small design studio. He’s an advocate of school reform, progressive education models, and student-directed learning. In his free time, he teaches students about entrepreneurship, design, and technology.

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