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Meet the Team

Helping Students Grow


Jill Baumann

Co-Director, Mentor, Facilitator

Finding the right educational path for my own 2 kids has been a quest for me since their preschool days...


Aya Parry

Co-Director, Mentor, Facilitator

My journey of seeking for a school that nurtures the whole child began when I realized how the conventional school was quickly extinguishing my children's inner fire...

Carol Headshot.jpg

Carol Franklin


Carol Franklin is a dedicated educator with a burning passion for the pursuit of knowledge and uplifting everyone she encounters. She is an advocate of individuality, self-expression, and collaboration. Growing up, she felt connected to the character Ms. Frizzle on the show, "The Magic School Bus," displaying an unfaltering happy-go-lucky, optimistic attitude in her pursuit of understanding the world around her. Now, she hopes to stimulate student curiosity and provide her students with a life-long mentor and friend, displaying respect for students’ choices and excitement for their futures. Her ultimate goal as an educator is to ensure every student knows that they have a purpose in this world, to give them a comfortable space to discover what that purpose may be, and to provide support in getting to that place. Carol has her BS in Biochemistry, Summa Cum Laude, from Regis University in Denver, Colorado. In her free time, she enjoys absorbing the serenity of the outdoors, volunteering, tutoring peers, and playing games, including board games, Dungeons and Dragons, and disc-golf.


Kalie Lewis


Kalie Lewis is an educator that loves to spend her time helping others reach their fullest potential by pursuing their interests and making progress towards their goals. She is passionate about mentoring students of all ages and encouraging them to step outside of their comfort zones by exploring different countries and cultures. She is a good resource for finding the best flight deals, planning trips, trying new recipes or places to eat, and what’s new in the world of educational technology.


Michael San Nicolas


Michael San Nicolas is an educator who puts students first. His ultimate goal is to help each child realize their own dreams, all while providing steady mentorship along the way. His passion for nurturing students' intellect is matched only by his passion for their overall well-being; always projecting a judgement-free aura of safety and understanding. He provides everyone and anyone with all the support they could ask for. Michael is a veteran who loves to relax both inside and outside; enjoying board games, puzzles, fishing, and disc golf.

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Guest Facilitator

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