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Jill Baumann

Director, Mentor, Facilitator

Finding the right educational path for my own 2 kids has been a quest for me since their preschool days. My search led me to homeschooling, which we did for 6 years before coming to the Living Ethics School. The school opened up a new world for them where they learned so much from seeing how others learned and responded to the same situations, where they could collaborate on projects and feel as though they were a part of a community. As a teacher at Living Ethics, I also expanded my own learning about education and addressing the individual needs of different students.

Now as my kids graduate from the Living Ethics School, I have found no place locally that offers that same sense of community while serving the unique needs of early adolescence, building their sense of self-efficacy and resilience as they transition into adulthood. In response to my children’s request to return to homeschooling and sensing that that wouldn’t serve all of their needs, I expanded my quest and endeavored to create the best learning environment in a new school. And so, Inspired Learning Academy was born.

From my work as a software development manager where I excelled in “fostering an environment of trust, integrity, teamwork and a clear sense of purpose” as well as “providing development opportunities, coaching and feedback” to my entrepreneurial work as a nutrition consultant and mindset coach, I now see a common thread of wanting to help people become their best selves. Now, I extend that same passion to young teens. I am very excited about the developmental opportunities we can offer them personally, socially, and intellectually in a heart-centered community at the Inspired Learning Academy.

Experience Details

5 years facilitating a great variety of classes and mentoring students in 6th-12th grades

1 year teaching at 6th/7th grade at the Living Ethics School

4 years of entrepreneurial experience establishing a nutrition consultant practice

6 years of homeschooling 2 kids

7 years of people and project management in software development in the telecom industry at Nortel Networks

5 years of software development

Educational Details

Certified Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Changing Your Life Trainer

Certified Nutrition Consultant from Bauman School of Holistic Nutrition

B.S. in Electrical Engineering – Cum Laude from Texas A&M University

Valedictorian of Wylie High School

Knowledge Resource For

  • student life coaching

  • advising

  • college and career coaching

  • math

  • programming

  • technology

  • entrepreneurship

  • language arts

  • nutrition

  • mind-body wellness

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