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Aya Parry

Director, Mentor, Facilitator

My journey of seeking for a school that nurtures the whole child began when I realized how the conventional school was quickly extinguishing my children’s inner fire. As I watched my then third-grade son developing the “just complete the tasks, keep quiet, and get by” attitude toward school, I knew I needed to look for an alternative path. We left a highly rated public school, moved from Southern California to Texas, and finally settled at the Living Ethics School. My children began to thrive once again – connecting to nature, playing, and just being themselves. After a gradual deschooling process, I saw their curiosity, passion, and vitality return.

Soon I joined the Living Ethics School as a teacher, and taught along side Jill. Through this valuable experience, I gained further insight into engaging children through encouragement, enthusiasm, and inspiration, instead of coercion. I was also able to observe and appreciate the different ways each child took on their tasks. When Jill approached me with the idea of creating a junior high with the same heart-centered philosophy, I immediately decided to join her on the quest.

I am very excited to embark on this opportunity to create a space for teenagers to discover and explore their true selves – their purpose, their voice. My goal as a mentor and facilitator at Inspired is to develop a meaningful relationship with each student, provide guidance throughout their journey, and stand beside them as they set sail on their personal path. I look forward to building a community of genuine, enthusiastic, caring, and happy people!

Experience Details

5 years facilitating a great variety of classes and mentoring students in 6th-12th grades

1 year teaching at 6th/7th grade at Living Ethics School

2 years of homeschooling 3 children

3 years of running a mind-body based prenatal coaching practice

15 years of teaching ballet and other dance modalities

3 years as a professional dancer in a contemporary dance company

1 year as an assistant teacher at daycare for preschoolers

Educational Details

Certified Dr. Sears Wellness Institute Prenatal Health Coach

Certified Reiki Master/ Karuna Reiki Master®

Master of Arts in Somatic Psychology with specialty in Pre/Perinatal Psychology

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance

Knowledge Resource for

  • Advising

  • Life coaching

  • Fitness

  • Dance

  • Child development

  • Psychology

  • Mind-body wellness

  • Language arts

  • Japanese

  • Creative expression

  • Crochet/Crafts

  • Cooking/Baking

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