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  • Jill Baumann

Benefits of a Micro-school

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

At Inspired, we feel our micro-school community is one of the main keys to our success in helping students thrive. Not many people are familiar with the concept of a micro school, so, let's look at what constitutes a micro-school.

The following are core traits of micro-schools (all of which describe Inspired Learning Academy):

  • Micro schools have no more than 150 students total, but are often smaller—from around 10 to a few dozen students; (Inspired currently has 16.)

  • Classes have no more than 15 students; (Inspired classes typically have 4-8 students!)

  • Multiple ages learn together in a single classroom;

  • Teachers act more as guides than lecturers;

  • There's a heavy emphasis on digital and project-based learning; and

  • Education is highly personalized. Focusing just on the one aspect of small class size, we see the following immeasurable benefits:

  • Students are not just a name, everyone (peers and teachers alike) knows them. Students develop deeper relationships with other students and with the teachers.

  • Students don't get lost in the crowd. Teachers have time to work with students 1-on-1 and adapt the learning experience to the student.

  • Students engage more. Fewer students means more opportunities to respond to and ask questions.

  • There's more time. Smaller classes allow teachers to cover more in the same amount of time or go deeper to satisfy curiosities.

  • With a smaller group, students can focus better with fewer disruptions.

  • Students receive help in class as and when needed and receive more attention overall.

There's a reason why class size is a prime determining factor for families when looking for a school. The benefits are key to a student's meaningful and successful learning experience. If you'd like your child to experience these benefits, contact us today. We'd love to hear from you! Jill & Aya

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