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ILA Community Agreement

All members of Inspired Learning Academy sign the following agreement, making a commitment to the community.  At the start of each us, students will have an opportunity to review and change this agreement for the new school year.

We believe...
• The world is a better place when we connect to others through compassion and understanding
• That wellness is key to being our best, so we prioritize caring for our body, mind, and soul through nutrition, exercise, intellectual challenges and the search for meaning 
• That all life is deserving of our respect

Being a self-directed learner at ILA comes with many privileges, including, but not limited to:
• Opportunity to participate in classes/workshops/offerings provided at ILA
• Ability to attend a unique school with friends in an intentional community
• Opportunity to create and follow my own educational plan with the help of an advisor
• Ability to use school property and people resources
• Time, space and support to pursue my own passions and interests

In order to be a self-directed learner at ILA, I agree to contribute to our community in the following ways:
• Participate in all community meetings - Focus my mind, engage my heart, and listen to others
• Clean up after myself and participate in end-of-the-day group clean-up
• Respect community agreements
• Respect myself and each other’s personal boundaries, bodies, and property
• Respect community property
• Support others in their goals
• Act with purpose and intention
• Maintain a positive attitude

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