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Taking Notes during a Virtual Meeting

How It Works

Inspired is a full-time 5-day program

We operate Monday - Friday from 9:00am to 3:45pm.
Mondays and Fridays are conducted online.
Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are conducted in-person at our location in Allen, TX.

Inspired is Different

Student Agency

Students have choice at Inspired.  They opt-in to every class and have the opportunity to suggest group classes and engage in independent study.  They also have a voice in student governance with our weekly Culture Creation meetings.

Personal Connection

From weekly 1-on-1 meetings with a designated mentor, to a small, close-knit group of peers, to personal choice (and thus connection to) their curriculum, students thrive on personal connection.

Real-World Learning

Moving away from the traditional Lecture-Study-Test cycle to our signature Inspired Learning Cycle of Inspire-Intend-Plan-Execute-Assess-Reflect, we model real-world learning so students can be prepared for life-long, self-directed learning.

Our Daily Routine

9:00 am

Start the Day

On remote days, we gather on Zoom for a connection activity.
On in-person days, we socialize as we arrive.
Each person completes a daily entry in their Working Journal.

9:15 am

CoGo - Start the Day Meeting

CoGo (which means "huddle") unites us as a group and provides a opportunity to connect as we share intentions for the day.

9:30 am

Students attend group classes, engage in independent study or work on projects.

Classes, Independent Study, Projects

11:00 am

A chance to grab a healthy snack, take a brain break, and socialize with friends.

Snack Break

11:30 am

Students attend group classes, engage in independent study or work on projects.

Classes, Independent Study, Projects

12:30 pm

A chance to grab a healthy lunch, get some fresh air, and socialize with friends.

Lunch Break

1:30 pm

Students attend group classes, engage in independent study or work on projects.

Classes, Independent Study, Projects

3:30 pm

CoGo - End of the Day Meeting

After completing our end of the day entries in our Working Journals, we gather to reflect on the outcome of our intentions for the day and shout-out others.

3:45 pm

School day is done; Pick up time on in-person days

End of Day


Students have the opportunity to earn Inspired Learning Academy's own digital open badges to highlight unique accomplishments on portfolios for college admissions and future employment. The following represent just 6 of our 60+ badges available - all designed by students for students!

Creative Writing Badge.png
30-Day Power Habit Badge.png
Self-Directed Learner Pro(3).png
Passion Project Badge.png
10 Genre Reader Badge.png
Technology Apps Badge.png

Passion Projects

Students complete at least one Passion Project before they graduate. Passion projects are in-depth, long-term projects with consultation with an industry expert, ideally including some type of internship or apprenticeship. Here are some examples:


One student interested in architecture completed a Passion Project learning to design 3D Models of houses with Chief Architect software. 
Project consultant: owner of a local home building company

Project Management

One student learned about Agile processes, the Trello App, and project management. 
Project consultant: software engineer and Agile proponent.


One student created a impressive and diverse photography portfolio and interned with a local professional photographer.

College Prep

Students carefully consider careers options aligned with their passions and if college is part of their chosen path, they progress each year to full preparation.

Explore Possibilities

9th Grade

Explore interests through self-directed learning projects and courses.
Explore career possibilities.
Earn badges for college admissions portfolio.

Teenage Students Raising Hands
Image by Ian Schneider

Demonstrate Passion

10th Grade

Complete an impressive Passion Project.
Intern or apprentice with a business aligned with career interests.
Research education needed for possible careers.
Generate a list of possible colleges.

Build Qualifications

11th Grade

Take dual credit classes. 
Prep for and take the SAT/ACT. 
Refine research on colleges and majors.

Students Taking Exams

Apply & Decide

12th Grade

Take SAT/ACT a 2nd time. 
Apply to colleges. 
Apply for financial aid and scholarships.
Decide on a college!

Considering enrolling?

Learn more about our rolling admissions process...

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